Technical details nice to know (January 2021)

Important Information:

There is change in the way NAPTR records are handled in SMK/SML now. This information is based on email from OpenPeppol to the eDec mailing list with subject ”eDEC-Dev Digest, Vol 86, Issue 2”. This change was deployed in SMK on 19th January 2021 and will be deployed in SML on 16th February 2021.

Technical Change by CEF: Replaced NAPTR regular expression part from ^.*$ to .* to fulfil the requirements of RFC 4848 as specified in the OASIS BDXL specification.

Above change already affected Peppol outbound traffic in Test environment (SMK) for all Oxalis users unless below property is set in "oxalis.conf" configuration file:


Issue was already reported with possible solution:

It is found that starting with Oxalis version "Oxalis 4.1.0" (which is internally using vefa-peppol library version 1.1.3 ) by default started using NAPTR based participant lookup by taking into account possible future migration from CNAME based lookup to NAPTR based lookup. But this is Not according to current Peppol SML specification which mandates the usage of the CNAME lookup.

Oxalis community is working on new release where it is changing default behavior of Oxalis to CNAME based lookup.

But considering CEF planned deployment of above mentioned NAPTR based changes in SML on 16th February 2021, it may not be possible to quality test and release version of Oxalis containing this bug fix after NorStella took over the ownership.

So we recommend to add below property in "oxalis.conf" configuration file:


We will notify you by various channels once we will fix this bug in Oxalis. 

Looking forward for active support and quick action from your part for above mentioned property change in "oxalis.conf" configuration file in Test environment right Now and in production environment before 16th February 2021 for continued smooth operation.

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