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Technical details nice to know (March 2021)

Important Information:

There is change in the way NAPTR records are handled in SMK/SML now. This information is based on email from OpenPeppol to the eDec mailing list with subject ”eDEC-Dev Digest, Vol 86, Issue 2”. This change was executed in SMK on 19th January, 2021 and will be executed in SML after the 15th of September 2021.


Technical Change by CEF:


Replaced NAPTR regular expression part from ^.*$ to .* to fulfil the requirements of RFC 4848 as specified in the OASIS BDXL specification.


This change will affect your production environment (SML) after 15th of September 2021 if you are using Oxalis version older than 5.0.0.

For Oxalis version older than 5.0.0, use below property in ‘oxalis.conf’ configuration file:



Oxalis version 5.0.0 by default started using CNAME based lookup hence No lookup configuration (property lookup.locator.class) is required in ‘oxalis.conf’ file.

We recommend you to upgrade to Oxalis 5.0.0 once full release will be available.

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