Oxalis is the leading software implementation in OpenPeppol.

    Oxalis Community is a not-for-profit organisation organised under NorStella Foundation, dedicated to the continued support and development of Oxalis, in order to secure Peppol compliance and value for its users.

    The goals of Oxalis Community:

    • Secure sustainability and managed development of the Oxalis software

    • Encourage continued implementation of eProcurement using Peppol specifications

    • Support innovative Peppol-based services that promotes the goal of harmonized and interoperable processes


    Oxalis Community is facilitated by the foundation NorStella. It is organised according to democratic non-for-profit principles and established as an independent/autonomous part of the NorStella association with independent budgets.

    Peppol Compliance

    Peppol compliance will be the core focus for the maintenance and further development of the software components.

    The Oxalis basis software and AS4 plug-in are maintained proactively in order to ensure that they continue to be Peppol compliant. Maintenance and further development of the library of Peppol specific building blocks will be kept open for other software implementers.

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