Oxalis Community

Oxalis Community was founded by Peppol Service Providers running Oxalis implementations in late 2020, in order to secure continued active support and further development of the Oxalis software, the Oxalis AS4 plug in and the Vefa Peppol building blocks.

The Oxalis sample software was originally developed on behalf of the Norwegian Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) in 2011 order to support onboarding and growth in the Peppol network. The software was supported and further developed by Difi, according to the changing requirements of OpenPeppol. By 2020, Oxalis had established itself as the leading implementation in the Peppol network, with both a majority of all service providers and transaction volumes. 


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NorStella is a not-for-profit foundation with the overall vision to contribute to better, increased, and simplified digital interaction between the public- and private sector. NorStella is financed by membership fees, projects and services, such as administration of identifiers for digital customs clearance.  NorStella has a long history of contribution to standardisation and harmonisation by development and promotion of standardised documents and management of identifiers.

Facilitating competence and industry networking

The major task for NorStella is to facilitate competence and industry networking and there are currently seven active networking groups:

  1. Digital interaction, focusing on the relationship between the government and private enterprises in general.

  2. Digital executives, a forum for innovation and digitalisation.

  3. Digital municipalities and smart cities.

  4. Transport and logistics.

  5. Nordic Operator Forum for standardisation and related activities in e-commerce and e-invoicing.

  6. eID forum, where actors in the Norwegian electronic identity and trust services business meet with relevant actors from the public sector.

  7. The NorStella Oxalis Community ​

Developing the ecommerce standards in Norway


NorStella has been instrumental in the development of standards for electronic commerce in Norway, particularly in the standardisation of ecommerce messaging such as invoicing, customs clearance and transport related messaging. The ShortSeaXML project in shipping is one example. The Semicolon project on digital interaction in the public sector provided the foundation for much of the later work on digitalisation in Norway.

For more information about NorStella (mostly in Norwegian) visit: www.en.norstella.no

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