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SLACK Channel

We encourage all Oxalis Members to make effective use of “NorStella Oxalis Slack channel” ( to receive faster, up-to-date, consolidated, and real time information. By joining slack channel, you will get valuable insight and support for your day-to-day queries.

Need to be added to the Slack Channel? Send an e-mail to

For technical support, please use GitHub. All the three repositories listed below include open discussion forums and issue registers.

The Oxalis software is maintained and developed under existing licensing:


Please refer to the relevant repositories on GitHub for downloads, instructions on how to install and use, and issues.



This is a release candidate of Oxalis with support for Peppol AS4 pMode. It supports Oxalis v4.0.3, v4.0.4 and v4.1.x and passes the CEF conformance test (excluding tests requiring multiple payloads).

AS4 messages is triggered by setting the transport profile identifier of one of your endpoints to "peppol-transport-as4-v2_0" in the SMP. No further configuration is needed beyond the standard Oxalis setup.


This repository contains the Peppol Access Point, named Oxalis. The Oxalis system is an enhancement of the Peppol Sample Implementation and can be used as a complete standalone Peppol solution or as an API component from your own code.

Out of the box it persists inbound messages to the filesystem. Persistence have been modularized so you can provide your own implementation if you need to send inbound messages to a message queue, a workflow engine, a document archive or others.

Oxalis comes with a basic command line tool for sending messages (oxalis-standalone), which is capable of sending multiple files.



This project implements some aspects of Peppol for inclusion in other projects.

  • Common - Data model for Peppol functionality.

  • Evidence - Implementation of ETSI REM Evidence.

  • ICD - Handling of ICDs as used in Peppol.

  • Lookup - Functionality for looking up participants in Peppol.

  • Mode - Feature to configure a Peppol application based on a Peppol certificate.

  • Publisher - Generic implementation of SMP interface.

  • SBDH - Optimized library for handling of envelope.

  • Security - Security features for Peppol.

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