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NORSTELLA by your side

In the ongoing work to make Oxalis a better product, documents and technical descriptions of common interest and benefit will be produced.

Such semi-technical resources will be gathered here when it is not natural to post them directly on Github.

If you expected to find something here and did not, we would love to hear from you via

So far we have gathered this material under two headings


We encourage all Oxalis Paying Members to make effective use of Slack - “NorStella Oxalis Slack channel” ( -  to receive faster, up-to-date, consolidated, and real time information. By joining slack channel, you will get valuable insight and support for your day-to-day queries.

Avoid sending direct email and message via Oxalis network site as it add extra layer and sometimes it become difficult to follow multiple request channel.


Need to be added to the Slack Channel? Send an e-mail to


Public Dashboard:

Dashboard for Members: Oxalis

Developers Dashboard:

Please inform us of your Github Id - on Slack or e-mail to Oxalis Management Team.

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