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02.12.2022 - Oxalis management meeting


Arun Kumar, Jon Arve Risan, Rolf Lysfjord, Paul Simons, Risto Collanus, Anders Ødegård

Topics discussed in the meeting



  • In reference to mail dialouge we will focus on the following things

    • Testbed gap analysis then prioritizing the most urgent gaps

    • Java upgrade project - blocker identified regarding Sha support in SMP - PAUSED

      • paused due to economic situation

    • Reporting - PAUSED

      • paused due to economic situation 

    • BPC analyzing and identifing gaps - PAUSED

      • paused due to economic situation

Economic status


Per date we have now 4292 EUROs, but cost of 1200 Euros for dev cost on its way. 

So basically, we have 3092 EUR. 


Based on that we will refocus our priorities unit we refill our founds. 

No growth of members yet. 


Collaboration with other open-source communities

  • Rolf will follow up meeting with Holodeck for further discussions

  • Arun will send documentation to Rolf regarding holodeck license models


  • Contact Jacob regarding the nemhandel plugin

    • Paul will contact Jacob via e-mail to get more information about their effort 

Presentation of oxalis 

- was conducted on Wednesday 30th of November in the Norwegian Peppol Authority meeting by DFØ. 


Collaborate more with Phillp Helger in slack channel

  • members in OMT will join and evaluate if we should have closer collaboration with Phillip regarding this channel. 


Next meeting and last meeting of the year will be 16th of december. 

First meeting next year will be Friday 13th of January. 😲

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