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05.11.2021 - OMT meeting


Arun Kumar, Jon Arve Risan, Stein Skogseth, Paul Simons, Rolf Lysfjord

Agenda, status and decisions

  • Roadmap

    • Arun has populated Github with: 

      • Internal roadmap (project plan)

      • Developers backlog (quarter/year)

      • Public roadmap (open for all) 

    • The projects are populated with epics, issues and tasks, not yet complete.

    • (Discussion and prioritization delayed, due to limited attendance) 

  • Technical workshop

    • New date selected: November 24th, early ECT

    • Discussion on format and agenda: 

      • Call for presentations

      • What is required for you to contribute?

      • Survey, evaluation (to adjust format for next workshop)    

    • Regular schedule for technical workshops decided: every 6 weeks. 

    • (Date for the workshop will be delayed due to christmas holidays, early february 2022. 

  • Join page / communication

    • High level structure for new text presented briefly. 

    • Discussion on how to formulate the need for open collaboration/contribution.    

  • AOB

    • Testing - how to organize and recruit?

    • Sandbox

Tasks for follow-up


  • Roadmap

    • Arun: Continue populating Github projects with milestones/epics, issues and tasks. 

    • OMT: Evaluate the need for internal / external projects in Github

    • OMT: Prioritize epics in roadmap 

  • Technical workshop 

    • Stein: send invitation for Nov 24th and publish on, with assistance from Norstella

    • Stein & Arun: decide on date for next workshop in early february 2022

  • Join page / communication

    • Rolf: continue working on text, place in teams wiki for evaluation/processing by OMT

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