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08.10.2020 Oxalis Management Team meeting


Stein Skogseth, Rune Lindseth, Jon Arve Risan, Paul Simons, Rolf Lysfjord, Anders Ødegård



How can we help developers to get started

It was decided in the meeting that Stein, Arun and Janne will proceed with technical workshop on a regular basis. 

Draft agenda will be: 

  1. walk through defined roadmap for oxalis

  2. go more in depth to the activities defined in roadmap, making it easier to contribute on activities in agenda

  3. open dicussion, pains and suggestions etc. 


Stein Skogseth (Guest) will make final agenda and purpose for that meeting ready and then schedule those meetings on a regular basis. 

It was discussed a monthly reoccurrence in our meeting. 


This meeting should be open to everyone, member or not. 

But we will start to invite participants from old technical meeting, further we will send information to our oxalis member list and inform about the meeting in github and our web page. 


Defining roadmap for oxalis - every 6 months 

The meeting above will not be the place were we discuss what activities we would like to do, the roadmap will be defined in separate meetings. Roadmap will be set every 6 months.


Suggestion is that this meeting will be held in connection to our yearly general assembly meeting, held in march, and in september. 

This meeting will only be available for members and only gold members will have voting rights on the upcoming roadmap. 


Stein Skogseth (Guest) will make a suggestion to agenda and purpose for this meeting. 


External communication 


In regards to the two meeting series mentioned above, they will be communicated in relevant channels (github, web etc. )

Rolf Lysfjord will make first suggestion to be discussed in our teams chat. 


Join us page is not correct and should be updated so that there is now confusion on what to be expected by new members. 

Rolf Lysfjord will make first suggestion to be discussed in teams chat/ mail

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