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10.09.2021 - Oxalis Management Team Regular meeting


Rune Lindseth, Rolf Lysfjord, Jon Arve Risan, Stein Skogseth, Janne Waren,.Paul Simons, Anders Ødegård



Development activities

Stein Skogseth (Guest)


Good efforts in resources from Compello and other members. 

Posten is also working on the Java library update - 

Arun is doing a lot of activates. 


So we have had good momentum in development activities. 

Rolf mentioned resources also from Vieri. Will schedule a meeting with Vieri toghether with Rune as optional. Physical meeting in Oslo. They might be able to contribute to oxalis code. 


Onboarding workshop

Planning meeting for workshop next week. 


Tentative timeline for workshop after week 41

Responsible: Stein and Arun with contributions from Paul and Janne. 


CEF compliance initiative

AS4 CEF eDelivery question from Arun. 


We will ask Arun to estimate the project.


PINT inactive (Paul)

We will get more information from the PINT project. Information will be sent to Arun and Stein.

PINT compliance will be important for Japan and US. Their entry will also give oppertunities for new members :)

This might create a base for new members.


Codeliste update

CEF meeting in September, we will know more in the next meeting. 

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