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18.06.2021 - Oxalis Management Team Regular meeting


 Jon Arve Risan, Arun Kumar, Janne Waren, Rune Lindseth, Stein Skogseth, Paul Simons, Anders Ødegård


Information from Norstella


Economic overview excel sheet will be adjusted according to feedback in the meeting. 

Important question to answer is if we are able to continue same phase in resource usage as today with Arun and using also more time for Stein to activate the community. 


Jon Arve Risan (Daglig Leder) will come back with adjusted excel sheet and suggested run rate towards the end of the year with Stein and Arun. 



Development activities

Technical meeting with over 18 participants was conducted Wednesday this week. 

Two companies voluntered to take charge of resolving issues. Good start, but we need more people contributing. 


Stein Skogseth (Guest) will draft an email to the members last participated in the technical meeting on how we can increase member contribution. And then also suggest Paul's idea about having Arun to take an in depth session for how oxalis is built up. Building competence and confidence to contribute more easily. 


Newsletter from oxalis network

We disucssed that we should make a newsletter in order to tell existing and potential new members what has happened recently and all the issues and discussion that have been made. 


Anders Ødegård will make first draft. Aim to have that ready by next week. 



CEF eDelivery compliance

Agreed to continue investigation if oxalis network also should be CEF compliant. 

Arun Kumar (Guest) will make an rough estimate of number of hours needed in order to achicve that. 


Then we will continue this discussion up from time to time, but we need to get the basics in place before we start any new large initiatives. 

It is also a matter of question if this would need an decision in general assembly if we where to widen the scope for oxalis. 


There is an potential for new users and there is an risk for loosing members if not being CEF eDelivery compliant.

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