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18.11.2022 - Oxalis management meeting


Topics discussed in the meeting

  • Discussions with Phillip Helger about collaboration

  • Oxalis presentation in local AP forum in Norway

  • Nemhandel have built a plugin for oxalis, how can this be an opertunity?

  • Recap of the meeting in Brussel



The idea behind the meeting was to find some cooperation with PH. Discussed incororating Phaze4 AS4 in Oxalis ("should be easy, as Oxalis design is modular with plug-ins in mind"), PH as technical resource for Oxalis (no capacity), PH as Oxalis "partner", delivering services to users/implementers as a commercal enterprise (no capacity).

PH is willing to assist Oxalis with "some hours" for training/onboarding. 


Decision: We should take initiative to discussion with Holodeck/Chasquis Consulting (Sander Fieten)

Rolf Lysfjord initiaties meeting.   

Input from Arun

Just quick update from me:

  1. Lots of Github issues are now resolved/closed since last meeting. Now we have 7 issues each in Oxalis and Oxalis-AS4 and 1 in Vefa-Peppol.

  2. Java upgrade is going fine. I can say that we have completed 60-65% of work. I started upgrading java in 3 new repositories which we took control couple of months back. After that I will work on Vefa-peppol and build on the contribution done by Dmytro in Oxalis and Oxalis-AS4. Target for Java upgrade version release is late December or early January.

  3. BPC topic is still in analysis phase and progress also depend on discussion to contribute 50% of agreed billable hours.

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