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20.08.2021 - Oxalis Management Team Regular meeting


Jon Arve Risan, Rolf Lysfjord, Paul Simons,Rune Lindseth, Anders Ødegård



CMB & GitHub project (broad overview)

Reference to Arun's mail before our meeting on the latest work on oxlias code. 

Posten's initative to contribute on the work to upgade the java version have not yet been started.

Action: Stein Skogseth (Guest) will follow up posten to check if they have started and need anything from us. 


Onboarding on external developers to contribute to the oxalis code is very important. There has been no response to the mail sent before the summer. The planned workshop is important to teach new potential contributer how the oxalis code is built up. 


Action: Stein Skogseth (Guest) will togheter with Arun start planning of this project. The workshop should also have a highlevel context explanation on how oxalis is used in the world. In reference to Rune's suggestion. Paul will discuss this further with Stein and Arun in regards to preparations for this upcoming workshop. 


Information from NorStella with Status on Oxalis Community member aquisition and cost

No new members since our last meeting. We agreed on taking these steps in order to have more members: 

  • DFØ - why are they not a member yet? Rolf Lysfjord will follow that up and also check if they can be willing to contribute with their competence. 

  • DigDir - they should also be a member. Anders Ødegård (Guest) will contact DigDir and try to get them onboard and also check if they are willing to contribute with resources. 

  • We further agreed that we should send and email to all PEPPOL authorities so that they are aware of our open source organization, and ask if they are willing to give us 10 minutes time to talk about oxalis in their next community meeting. Anders Ødegård (Guest) will make first draft for such a mail.

  • In the meeting next week we will look at the new balanced sheet and decide if it is what we need. @Jon Arve Risan

Outlook next 12 months

We went through the outlook for the next 12 months, there was no new changes coming. 

PINT will be relevant for us soon, and it is now in pilot phase. 


We agreed that we should prepare to get an estimate for what the PINT and dynamic lookup will mean for the oxalis. 

Action: Arun Kumar (Guest) / Stein Skogseth (Guest) could you prepare a rough estimate for doing this jo? 

Input from Paul Simons (Guest): "Adapting an AP software to be able to deal with DDTS (PINT) functionality takes about a week’s work." - mail



Please remember that meeting notes are now kept in our Oxalis Management Team

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