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24.09.2021 - Oxalis Management Team Regular meeting


Janne Waren, Arun Kumar, Rolf Lysfjord, Jon Arve Risan, Anders Ødegård



Development activities

Stein Skogseth (Guest) / Arun Kumar (Guest)

Solve issues as they come. We have some certifications issues, but all in all we are in a good place in regards to handling issues. 



Arun is using time to understand what this means to oxalis and what we need to do. 

--> Important that we get a rough estimate on the work, then we decide when we start this project. 

It will need to be aligned with available resources. 

--> Check with Paul Simons (Guest) if there any time frames defined. 



Arun raising the question if we should change "rights" in Github for making changes. 

Make it more easy to contribute?! Discussion will continue. 


Contributors from Compello dev. resources and Posten

clarify java version. 

Postive development for contributors. 


Codeliste update

Arun Kumar (Guest) is monitoring this and will take appropriate actions if there will come any changes.


Onboarding workshop

Planning meeting for workshop next week. 


Tentative timeline for workshop in week 42

Responsible: Stein and Arun with contributions from Paul and Janne.


Tentative outline based on discussions: 

  • business context - paul  (could that meeting part be optional for those who want that info?)

  • Understanding oxalis - Stein, Arun and Janne

  • Last part as suggested from Rolf: what concrete activities / areas would we like contributions on. 

    • meaning that being more concrete will make it easier to raise hand after or in meeting


Up to Stein and his group to decide upon the content for that meeting. 



Status from Norstella

We have a tight economic situation. Priorities will be important. 

Jon Arve Risan (Daglig Leder) will send a more details about the situation before our next meeting. 


One member has upgraded from regular to gold. 

New regular member.

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