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Oxalis Community Technical Dialog Meeting


Wednesday Nov 24th 2021 @ 10AM CET


As you are probably aware of, the Java version that Oxalis is built on (Java 8) is approaching End-Of-Life.

This will be our main topic this time.



1. A short introduction to the Oxalis Roadmap

Github roadmap

Schedule for upcomming meetings

2. Introduction to main topic: Java 8 end-of-life in March 2022

3. How is Oxalis affected?

4. Best practices and experience with similar upgrades (please share)

5. Does anyone have workarounds or local adaptions that could be integrated as part of Oxalis?


We are planning to have these meetings on a more regular basis, bi-monthly or quarterly. After this meeting we will send out a short survey to get your inputs on how to best move forward with these meetings.


Please join us on Teams:

(If any problems with the link, please contact



Minutes of meeting:

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