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Annual Plenary Meeting - November 10th 2023
Vote for candidates - Oxalis Management Team

We hereby vote for:


Please note!

You will find the Document for Voting Item 1 here.

1.4       Election procedures

Voting procedures for the approval of candidates for the Oxalis Community Management Team are listed below:

  • Voting rights are limited to one (1) vote per organization with voting rights.

  • All items up for vote are described and documented as Voting Items, available from

  • Members with voting rights can cast votes for any or all nominated candidates to the Oxalis Management Team.

  • Members with voting rights are not required to vote for all nominated candidates.

  • Approval of members to the Oxalis Management Team requires a minimum of 2 votes. If a candidate to Oxalis Management receives less than 2 votes, he/she is not elected.

Thank you for your Vote for the Oxalis Management Team

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