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02.07.2021 - Oxalis Management Team Regular meeting


Jon Arve Risan, Arun Kumar, Rune Lindseth, Stein Skogseth, Paul Simons, Anders Ødegård, Rolf Lysfjord


Accounting and budget

We went through Jon Arve's overview of financials. 

Some additional input on improvements will be discussed between Jon Arve and Paul after the meeting. 

It is estimated that we will have a small plus by the end of the year, but there are some uncertainties about the resource usage for development. 


It was decided that we should add a line in the accounting sheet that buffer at least 10% each month, so that we have some backup if there is need for extraordinary efforts because of unplanned critical issues.

If in critical need Norstella can also assist in buffer until next years membership revenue is received. 


Development activites

Stein has informed technical participants with an e-mail to encourage participation and get them to get in contact if they are in need of assistance. This generated the contact from Posten in Norway were they would like to give assitance in updating the Java version. 


Arun informed that he used less time than forecasting in the last month, but he expect that he will have more capacity in Q3. 


End of Life for old oxalis version. 

In connection to the request to contribute to update JAVA version usage in Oxalis this have raised the need to discuss how we will handle the phase out of the old oxalis version using older java version. 


We agreed in the meeting that Stein and Arun will discuss how this transition could be done in the best way, and suggest that to the technical AP group. Then we were discussing that after this ground work and plan have been defined we should inform broadly to users of oxalis about our planned phase out period for old oxalis. 


Tentatively we said that we should aim to send out and invitation to this information meeting within first week of september and then hold the meeting in third or last week of september. 


Summer newsletter to our members and potential members

Draft was approved, and Anders will get additional missing key numbers from Stein and then send final version to Jon Arve for distribution to our mailing list. 


Next meeting will be 13th of august.

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