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16.12.2022 - Oxalis management meeting


 Jon Arve Risan, Anders Ødegård, Rune Lindseth, Rolf Lysfjord, Arun Kumar, Stein Skogseth, Risto Collanus

Topics discussed in meeting



In reference to previous decision we will continue to focus on the following things:

  • ONGOING - Testbed gap analysis then prioritizing the most urgent gaps

    • Gaps will need to be fixed along the way because a single errors are hindering us to continue testing

  • START - Java upgrade project - blocker identified regarding Sha support in SMP

    • In the meeting Arun suggested that we upgraded to java 11, instead of java 17. By doing this we will adress the impediment isse regarding SHA support in SMP. 

    • We decided in the meeting to move forward to upgrade to java 11.

    • Then on a later phase we upgrade to java 17 when SMP issue is resolved

  • PAUSED - Reporting

    • paused due to economic situation 

  • PAUSED - BPC analyzing and identifing gaps

    • paused due to economic situation

Technical meeting has been postponed until January. 


Points from Rolf


New members/technical resources/engagement

Rolf informed about possibilities for development efforts in Singapore market. 

we agreed that this could really be a good opertunity to re

@Rolf will try to get a meeting with PA in Singapore

@Rune will ask a former colleague on the status in Singapore (he is working from that location now)

@Anders follow up Bård (Pagero) in regarding Singapore


Collaboration with other open-source communities

Discussion to be continued


Oxalis user list from Peppol support (Jesper)

Jesper is leaving the OO in Peppol, could be a challenge in order for us to get an updated list of oxalis users. 


@Rolf will push to get the updated list, but that might be a challenge due to resourcing at OO end. 


Text – 2023 membership Invoice

Norstella have suggested the follwing text: 

“The Oxalis Community has come a long way in 2022, and have secured the stable management of Oxalis. We thank you for your continued support! To ensure that oxalis remains the best and most appropriate peppol software, we still need your support in 2023.

Please go to to see how you best can contribute to our shared goal.”

No comments to text in the meeting. There was discussion around more information in the invoices, but we ended up to decide that the invoice was not the right place. But it is up to Norstella to decide whether they would like to add more text. 


Next meeting: 

Friday 13th of January


Have a nice holiday!

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